Privacy Protection Tutorial

While playing Second Life you might and maybe should be concerned about your privacy. You do not want someone to suddenly view your webcam or listen to your microphone probably. In reality it is not so hard for hackers to do this. There are however some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Disable your microphone

If you do not use voice in Second Life it might be a good idea to completely disable your microphone. To do this right click on the sound icon in your taskbar somewhere near your clock and choose recording devices. Somewhere it should say microphone (you could have even multiple). Right click it and choose disable. Your microphone is now disabled and cannot be used. Smart hackers might be able to turn it on again, but it will be harder to do so. If you have an external microphone, just unplugging it should be sufficient.

Disable your webcam

If you only use an external webcam you can just unplug it to stop it from working, but if you use a build in webcam, like in most laptops, the best way to be sure nobody can view you is to just get some black tape or any other non transparant piece of paper and tape it over the eye of your webcam.

Empty cache and safely remove it from your computer

Other programs on your computer also store a lot of data about you like the websites you visit, saved passwords and usernames, the last programs you used, etc. To get rid of this privacy sensitive information without going through all the settings of each program and to safely wipe the empty space on your harddrive, (without wiping the empty space data can be still retreived!) use a drive cleaner like CCleaner.

Protect your keystrokes from being logged

Hackers or other prying eyes could use a keylogger in their maliscious software to spy on your key strokes. The keylogger will log everything you type on your keyboard, including your banking login credentials, which then is send to a server used by the exploiter.

To protect yourself from this you need a good firewall with outbound protection like Zonealarm Free  or Comodo (which will ask if you want to permit a certain program to communicate with the internet) and Anti Key Logger software like KeyScrambler, which will encrypt your keystrokes and therefore makes them unreadable for others in case they succeed to log your keystrokes.

Protect yourself against build in Microsoft Windows 10 Spyware

Windows 10 is not only one of the best operating systems made by Microsoft, but also the most privacy sensative operating system ever made. With standard settings it shares a lot of personal information about you.

Instead of changing every setting manually in Windows settings and configuration there is also software available which can do this for you. An example is Spybot Anti-Beacon.

Other software to protect your privacy

Always use one or more Anti virus/Anti malware/Anti Spyware/Anti Trojan programs to detect and remove keyloggers, trojans, virusses, malware and spyware from your computer. Below there is a list of some good free software to stay protected.

Antivirus/malware and spyware software

AVG Free
Spybot Search & Destroy
Windows Defender (is allready on your computer)

Note: If you install more than one Antivirus program ensure that only one of them has Real Time Protection/Automatic Scanning enabled. Enabling it in more than one program will not only slow down your computer, but can also lead to software conflicts.

Anti Key Logger software

Zemana AntiLogger

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