Obsessed Lover Hud

The Obsessed Lover Hud is a complete sex roleplay system for both males and females (use the settings hud to personalise your Obsessed Lover Hud).

It will allow you to be loved by others (your lovers) or to love someone else (your lover ;). Loving someone off course comes with withdrawals (love symptoms) when you are not with your lover for a while.

It also contains an AO, Animations, Sounds, easy to use Master and Slave Add on and a unique user browsing system.

With the Obsessed Lover Function enabled (default setting) in settings you can fall in love and become addicted to another avatar or make other avatars fall in love with you in combination with the Irresistable Lover Add on.

You will receive withdrawal symptoms over time and it will take endurance to rehabilitate and not fall back into your world of sex addiction.

To get your withdrawal level down you need to have much sex preferrably with your lover or use special medicine.

There are different roleplay addons availlable which add new features or personalise your hud. The RLV control/Master hud for example enables you to control your slaves and the Slave Add on makes it possible to become a slave/sub/pet.

This Hud can be get free from an Irresistable Lover user when he or she makes you addicted.