Escort Rental System

The RLV Protected Tip Jar is not just another tip jar.
It uses an innovative and advanced backbone system and is usable in multiple ways.

You can use it in your club as a tip jar for renting escorts and/or afk users, in your home or any other place to have a personal tip jar and rent terminal for your services or you can even use it to rent escorts from your home.


The RLV Protected Tip Jar Gives your club not only a big advantage compaired to other clubs by protecting your clients money by forcing the Escort or AFK user to refund any remaining rental time.

It also gives your clients the possibility to control your Escorts and AFK sex dolls with an advanced RLV control HUD which you can brand for your club with your own banner in the future..

Furthermore it also allows users to rent your Escorts and AFK users from their home or another club for which you and the other club will receive the same commission as you would have received as if the rent took place in your own club. This could boost your revenue significantly.


Descretely rent escorts and afk users directly from within the privacy of your own home or place by selecting them in the provided advanced RLV control hud.
Your money will be protected by our innovative client protection system which forces the escort or afk user to refund you any remaining rental time.

Note: The creator will receive a commission of 10% on earnings to cover server costs, further development and other expenses.

##Escorts & AFK users###

You can use this tip jar to provide your services from your home!