Our products are made with care and use very advanced lsl scripting to provide a unique user experience. When you buy our products you get free updates and improvements for free.

Currently we have three main products. The Obsessed Lover Hud, The Sex Tracker Hud and the Escort Rental system. All providing a user experience you didn’t see before.

Obsessed Lover Hud

The obsessed lover hud is a complete role playing hud featuring ever expanding features through the use of addons.

Features include:

  •  An addiction system which can make people addicted to/love you which can be used by couples or any type of user;
  • A master slave system whith advanced features to control your slaves, including the ability to teleport. leash , force sit, restrict, follow and animate your slaves;
  • A free animation overrider which makes your avatar look pretty sexy;
  • Free sounds to play while roleplaying;
  • And much more and definately much more to come….

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Sex Tracker Dating Hud

Our sex Tracker Hud doesn’t only keep track of your second sex life, but can also be used to find new sex partners. It provides detailed information about your Second Life sex life.

Features include:

  • Resgistration of all your sex partners so you can see if you had sex before and how long the session lasted.
  • A counter of all your sex partners;
  • The ability to find a sex partner by asking them to teleport to your location to have sex.

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Escort Rental System

The Escort Rental system is one of our most inventive systems ever made. You will not find anything like it anywhere. It uses very advanced scripting to provide a safe environment to rent escorts and afk users.

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